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What We're Offering

We, as a full-service logistics company, offer a wide range of functions and amenities. From Door-to-Door or Point-to-Point International Logistics, including Consultation and Customs Clearance, over Domestic Freight Forwarding, Warehousing to Project Management and Manpower needs. To further service other concerns such as Personal Pickups and Residential Movings, our Satelite Offices and Warehouses in Roxas City, Caticlan, Boracay, Numancia, Kalibo, and Manila are also made available to give our clients choices suited to their preferences.

Our SRB Cargo personnel continually strive to give our clients the best quality services through our varied offerings of functions and amenities. We make sure that our list of options covers all areas that will ensure your delivery is efficient and hassle-free.



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We provide international full-service, end-to-end logistics in order to fulfill your needs with our highest standards.


Freight Forwarding

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Reliability and constant quality control are our core disciplines. We assure peace of mind for over 18 years.


Customs Clearance

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Customs Clearance of all kinds of cargo - local and transit, including consultancy services.



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We are handling everything from short to long-term storage, through packing and distribution processing.


Project Management

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Our Team of talented and experienced professionals manage your project down to the smallest details.

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